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Components of Metal Reels


When it comes to metal reels, it is crucial to keep their important components in mind, in order to make the best purchasing decisions, but also to utilize them efficiently.

Traverse connectors are specially designed components that are used to connect flanges for multi-purpose use with collapsible reels. With a structure made specifically for durability and strength, these traverses are dependable and reliable components for conjoining flanges in metal reels. They reinforce the product itself, and therefore must be made of study material to ensure their resilience during heavy-duty use.


Dividers are made for the purpose of separating individual metal reels. This expands the storage capabilities of your reels to allow more materials to fit at a time. Dividers can create up to four flanges per reel, in turn, increasing storage space while at the same time utilizing it effectively.

Adding dividers onto metal reels could optimize your usage, allowing the same equipment to hold onto a larger amount of materials, minimizing the need to purchase additional equipment, or to make extra rounds.