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Conduit reels are designed to deliver the most reliable results for every use they are meant for. To meet this, they’ve got to be distinct from those offered by competitors. However, despite the structural difference, conduit reels should be fully compliant to the international standards on the quality and the superficial markings such as the ASTM designation marks, the type, lumen thickness, the manufacture schedule and the dimension ratio. It should also clearly indicate the trade size and month/year of manufacture alongside with the sequential foot markings regarding the accuracy of the measurements.

There are numerous advantages that pipe and conduit companies get when they use pipe reels. In addition to creating a mode of storage for the pipes, the reels also ensure that the pipes are in perfect condition to discourage any depreciation in value. As a manufacturer or supplier of pipes, it is important that you have reels for your customers. The reels have numerous advantages to both you and the customers. The reels made of steel are heavy-duty and can be used to store different lengths of pipes. They are designed to be lightweight for ease in transportation but offer high strength capabilities. There are some reels that are fitted with a drive spring to reduce the work done when winding or unwinding the pipe.

The wide varieties of collapsible reels offered by Reelco Company are widely applicable in different electrical and allied industries. The collapsible reels are designed to process a reel smaller unity of package. The hard collapsible are designed for applicable that gives a strong reel structure to high-performance. The product is structured from common carbon steel which is a thick plate that is durable and of high quality. The collapsible reel forms a rounded coil and tied to prevent the reel from collapsing. The products are exactly the way adopting steel plate cast into custom and welded into shape that applicable to wiredrawing, stranding, cabling, wire bunching and high strength.

There is a very high demand for metal reels in the industries especially the pipe and conduit industry. The pipe reels and conduit reels are some of the common metal reels that you might be interested in purchasing. There is also the collapsible steel reel that offers more flexibility in transportation and storage of pipes. It is important that your supplier is able to get various types of reels so that your requirements can be met.