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Reelco storage reels are among the best and the largest capacity reels in the market place and with most reasonable prices. It is easy t o use with light weight and effective cost solution to store your racing lines. Storage reels are structured with durable white coated aluminum with four independent wheels lock that rotate to enable it work faster and saves time. Their diameter measures 6 inch center spindle to decrease the potential damage to the storage reel. Storage is supplied with kit form to reduce freight cost and easy to gather. Reelco storage reels give three year warranty once you purchase from their companies.

Custom manufacturer are certified for designing and processing of metal reels. The different types of metal reels includes wire handling reels, heat treated sides reels, specialty and fabric handling reels. Metal reels are fabricated in various metals like specialty steel, steel and corrugated steel. Metal reel industry use competent personnel to design and structure their products. They use high quality technics such as CNC machine, prototyping, CNC design engineering, assembling and welding. The industrial metal reels certified distributors are stainless steel reels .metal reels comes with various sizes and styles in material like steel, copper, aluminum and brass. Method used includes burning, slitting, leveling, polishing, painting and grinding.

Storage reels have been used for many years by different industries. This is because they offer a great solution for storing different types of materials in the industry. They also make it easy to organize the industrial facility and utilize the available space. The greatest benefactor of the storage reels is the pipe and conduit industry. This is an industry where the materials are stored using reels. This ensures that the pipes retain their shape and are not damaged. The reels have been used for many years to protect the pipes from being destroyed.


Reelco is a prime manufacturing company of the collapsible reel, the related equipment and utility products in the world. It has collaborated with the other leading  manufacturing industries’ in order to give  the best comprehensive and technological tool inventories, licensed maintenance, and competent field specialist for all equipment and tools needed. Reelco offers the best customer services and has a competently skilled manpower as needed in delivering custom made designs. This has earned the company name in delivering superior products.

Steel reels are generally preferred to the conventional wooden reels in most of the industrial applications. This is because they offer more flexibility and strength to the users. Some of the major users of these reels are power cable manufacturers and the telecommunication industry. They are also used in some of the industrial process lines and in shipping of conduits, pipes and cables. In any case, the use of steel reels has proved to be the best for many business owners. The products usually range from collapsible reels to rigid reels for cables and wires. The reels that are used in industrial process are designed specifically to meet the requirements that the client has. They can also be dynamically balanced whenever there is need. When it comes to sizes, there are various standards sizes in the market. However, if these reels do not satisfy your application you can have custom reels built for your industry by the manufacturer. The quality of the reel can also be altered depending on the budget and applications of the client.